Turn your paper documents into digital files. They're safer, easier to manage, and they'll help you reduce your paper document storage requirements.


For most organisations paper documents are an unavoidable part of life - or at least they were. Even for those organisations that have moved towards a paper-less working environment, older records in the form of paper documents continue to be an issue for both storage and access, not to mention the ongoing deterioration of the documents due to wear and tear. The solution is simple, have DigiDoc scan your paper documents and supply you with digital files.


At DigiDoc our high speed document scanners produce multi-page digital documents that can be created in any of a number of file formats. The most common, PDF, enables the addition of bookmarks for easy navigation within the document and a file name that fits within your digital archiving system. You'll never have to go searching through boxes of documents to find the information you need - it will be easily available through your computer network.


DigiDoc can save you time and storage cost, freeing up valuable space that can be better used than to store old documents. Contact us now to discuss your scanning requirements.


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